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You are not only an integral part of WAGGGS and the Global Movement, but you also hold a special connection to your national Member Organisation. It's where you grew and developed, fostering your skills and ambitions before venturing into the international arena. Member Organisations provide girls with the foundation to explore and chart their paths forward.

Recognizing the significance of a robust Member Organisation, you understand that it often marks a girl's initial introduction to Girl Guiding or Girl Scouting, influencing the decisions she makes on her journey.

A flourishing Member Organisation opens doors to international opportunities, fosters connections, and provides the support and encouragement necessary for girls and young women to exceed their aspirations.

Today, these organisations seek your support to connect with more Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in their countries. Through your support, they can facilitate the full participation of girls and young women in WAGGGS events and programmes. Your contribution ensures that this vital work continues unabated.

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