Creating Global Connections in the World Centres

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The World Centres hold a special place where cherished memories and lifelong friendships are formed, creating bonds that endure across continents. They stand as vibrant hubs of activity, culture, and global connections, offering opportunities that shape lives and perspectives.

Your five world centres: Kusafiri in Ghana, Pax Lodge in the UK, Nuestra Cabaña in Mexico, Our Chalet in Switzerland, and Sangam in India, offer a tapestry of wonderful experiences that captivate the hearts and minds of visitors. From the majestic landscapes surrounding Our Chalet to the vibrant cultural immersion at Nuestra Cabaña, each centre provides a unique journey of exploration and discovery.

These World Centres epitomize the essence of international sisterhood, they serve as vital pillars of the Movement, and your support can strengthen them further. They continue to provide transformative experiences for girls and young women worldwide, empowering them to connect, learn, and become agents of change and leadership.

By donating today, you can contribute to ensuring that the next generation of girls and young women have the opportunity to visit a World Centre. Your generosity will impact not only their lives but also ripple outward as they share their experiences, skills, and insights within their communities and beyond.

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