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You are not only part of WAGGGS and the Global Movement but you have a national Member Organisation close to your heart. A place where you grew and developed at home before spreading your wings internationally. Our Member Organisations are the foundations of the Movement, they are where girls find their feet and discover the journey they want to take.  

You know and understand the importance of a well-developed Member Organisation, it’s often a girl’s first encounter with Girl Guiding or Girl Scouting and can shape the choices they make next. A thriving Member Organisation can offer international opportunities and connections, and the support and encouragement girls and young women need to go beyond their expectations. 

WAGGGS Member Organisations vary greatly throughout the world, each offering something unique and engaging for their Members. They need your help today, to grow and reach more Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in their country. Our Member Organisations need your support to build their capacity through tailored guidance from trained WAGGGS volunteers. With this they can enable girls and young women to fully participate in WAGGGS events and programmes. 

It is crucial that WAGGGS Member Organisations around the world can continue to deliver the essential programmes, activities, and experiences for Girl Guides and Girl Scouts that help to shape her world.

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