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You believe in a world where young women have ambitions to become leaders, and nothing stops them from achieving this. Unfortunately, the world is not fair, and young women are not presented with the same opportunities as their male peers. Therefore, it can be challenging for them to speak up and be considered a leader. You can help change this. You can help them reach their goal; you can help prepare them.

WAGGGS leadership programmes prepare young women by developing their skillset and leadership mindsets. The training and experiences change their perception of what is possible and give them the confidence to make changes in their lives, their communities and their world. 

The Juliette Low Seminar participants from 2022 are currently in their third phase, completing their 100 girls’ projects. These young women have been invited to leadership events taking place throughout the World Centres in 2023. Your donations will go towards creating a curriculum and activity schedule to inspire and educate participants. Your gifts will make these events inclusive by providing travel grants, accommodation grants and full scholarships for applicants to receive.

With your support today, you can ensure that the next generation are able to take part in transformative training and experiences that will shape the future of the world. 

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